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Re: [OT] True console in X?

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, ktb wrote:

k> I've been searching though freshmeat, the net and debian packages and am
k> not coming up with what I want.  I doubt it even exists but I have to
k> ask.  I love working in console but I find myself in X mostly because my
k> browser of choice is there and I can copy paste between that and other
k> programs.  A text browser doesn't quite cut it for me.
k> What would be ideal is to be able to emulate the look of console in X
k> and run that on one or more workspaces.  Xterms and derivatives don't 
k> quite have the feel of true console.  I'm sure many of you feel the same
k> as I do about this.  What work arounds have some of you come up with?

Why settle for 'fake' when you can still have the real thing :) try 
CTRL-ALT-F_key ... i used that when i still had X installed and was forced to
run it for some reason, and then wanted console .. this may not do the trick
for you but i'm hardcore console/command prompt fan :)



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