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Re: exim config

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 11:56:22PM +0000, Nic Strong wrote:

> I have just installed exim on my box and it seems to be causing problems
> when using fetchmail to get my mail from my ISP.
> I configured exim using smarthost to deliver outgoing mail (suitable for
> dialup option). But when using fetchmail from my ISP, I occationally
> get mails from my ISP saying that I have had two processes trying to
> access my mail at the same time. And with ppp established I get mail
> delivered without even running fetchmail.

Demon's standard setup is to deliver mail via smtp if you have am smtp
server such as exim listening on port 25.  This happens automatically
when you log on and at ten minute intervals thereafter.

Demon will also allow you to demand your email at any time via pop3
using fetchmail.

If you try to collect mail via pop3 at the same time an smtp delivery is
taking place both processes are accessing the same mail queue, which
leads to the mails from Demon you mention.

One solution (not a good one) is to use fetchmail only when you are sure
an smtp delivery is not occurring.

A second is to cease using fetchmail and simply let the smtp deliveries take
place.  This is ok if a ten minute wait is of no consequence.

Or, and this is what you might want, you could go to www.demon.net and
follow the WebPassword link to switch off the smtp delivery service.


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