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Re: Progeny install problems

On Fri, 25 May 2001, jennyw wrote:
<format recovered for the linewrap impaired>
>I'm trying to reinstall Progeny Debian 1.0 (boxed copy), and I'm getting
>weird problems.

First of all, this is a Debian list, not a Progeny list.  They are
related, but Debian has a different installation system (a better one

>My original plan was to boot off the CD, use the partition program to
>remove the root partition and reformat it, and proceed with the install.
>This didn't work -- the Progeny partition tool accepted my commands, but
>when I clicked next, it immediately said it was finished and that I could

This is not unknown when dealing with Progeny.  I've given up on getting
Progeny working with my unique system beacuse of disk problems, but I've
helped others do a Progeny install flawlessly.  Progeny is a lot like
RTFMandrake in that respect: either it works flawlessly or doesn't work at
all.  Basically, Progeny likes to use a whole disk for itself if possible
(at least that's the way I got my system to go the farthest...).

>Not only did it not copy any files, but it didn't reformat the partition,
>either. When I rebooted, the old system was still there.

This is not a bad thing: if Progeny can't get you up with a working
system, it really should do nothing at all--you then have your old system
and a couple of cusswords rather than a useless system.

>I then deleted the root partition using parted and tried again. Still no
>dice. Any ideas why this might be?  I recall that the first time I
>installed Progeny Debian 1.0, it worked just fine.  Of course, I didn't
>have a copy of 1.0 on it previously. I can't really think of anything
>much different (after deleting the partition) other than having GRUB
>installed.  Could this cause some weirdness?

The GRUB shouldn't be an issue: Progeny allegedly uses GRUB so logically
should work with it preexisting.  Did you try the "use existing
bootloader" option?  Progeny has a real issue with installing it's
bootloader over a non-basic MBR.



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