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Re: Progeny install problems

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From: "John Galt" <galt@inconnu.isu.edu>
> First of all, this is a Debian list, not a Progeny list.  They are

I thought this list was for general discussion about Debian, and that would
include specific forms of Debian.  Or are we only supposed to discuss pure
Debian here? Is there a better place to ask questions about Progeny Debian?
It just seems like there is so much overlap it'd be better for users to
share a common mailing list.

> The GRUB shouldn't be an issue: Progeny allegedly uses GRUB so logically
> should work with it preexisting.  Did you try the "use existing
> bootloader" option?  Progeny has a real issue with installing it's
> bootloader over a non-basic MBR.

No, I haven't tried that.  There were bad sectors on the drive (hence my
need to reinstall) and as I started reformatting the partition (using
regular Debian) I realized the disk had major issues.  So I did a low-level
format. After that, Progeny installed just fine. Maybe I'll try an
experiment and try to install a second copy of Progeny on another partition



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