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Re: [users] Re: email: Windows (Outlook, Eudora) -> Linux

also sprach Viktor Lakics (on Tue, 15 May 2001 07:17:09PM +0100):
> The most comfortable way (I never tried it though) seems to be to
> have a nice KDE 2.1.1 desktop. I use Debian potato, and noticed,
> that there is a kmail import utility under Utilities in the KMENU.
> It imports Outlook express 5.0 folders, and pegasus mail folders.
> And eudora addressbok. Don't ask me why not Eudora folders...

but that limits you to a specific client. the way that i did it was to
set up an imap server and an outlook account for imap, and then to
transfer all mail to the imap server.

then, using fetchmail and procmail, you get it all into whatever
format you want and have the powers of procmail available to your

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