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Re: installation

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 10:40:45AM -0500, Andrew D Dixon wrote:

> actually it's a Briq from Total Impact
> http://www.totalimpact.com

i know nothing of this hardware.

> device=/pci@FF500000/ethernet@7:
> partition=0
> timeout=1
> default=linux
> image = vmlinux-nfs
>     label = linux
> # root = /dev/hda2
>     append = "console=ttyS0,9600 rw ip=on"
>     initrd=root.bin
>     initrd-size=8192

looks ok to me

> If I comment out the initrd and initrd-size lines then the thing will boot
> but when I try to boot with the file looking like this I get:
> <snip>
>    Elf32 kernel loaded...
> Loading ramdisk...
> dev_path = /pci@FF500000/ethernet@7
> file_name = root.bin
> partition = 0
> dev_phandle = 001aa12c
> device is a network device
> of_net_open(dev:/pci@FF500000/ethernet@7, part: 0x00000000, name:root.bin
>  -> prom_open</pci@FF500000/ethernet@7:0,root.bin>...
>  -> 001a5d84
> Can't claim memory for TFTP download

this means OpenFirmware would not allow yaboot to claim (sortof like
malloc()) the memory it needs for the ramdisk.  you could try using a
smaller value for initrd-size, i think 4096 should be sufficient, for
some reason we have needed more space on powermacs to get ramdisks to
work reliably.  

> Ramdisk image not found.
> ramdisk load failed !

this is a result of not being able to download the initrd. 

> Any ideas?

its possible yaboot is not compatible with that hardware, in which
case you need a different bootloader. 

Ethan Benson

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