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Re: email: Windows (Outlook, Eudora) -> Linux


The most comfortable way (I never tried it though) seems to be to
have a nice KDE 2.1.1 desktop. I use Debian potato, and noticed,
that there is a kmail import utility under Utilities in the KMENU.
It imports Outlook express 5.0 folders, and pegasus mail folders.
And eudora addressbok. Don't ask me why not Eudora folders...

And kmail uses a standard unix mailbox format, which is useble with
almost all unix clients. On the web you can find plenty of resources
for conversion from Eudora to pegasus, and from there you are on
your way...

To delete duplicate messages, procmail is your friend. you can find
plenty of resources on the web as to how to use procmail to nuke
duplicate messages in a mailbox.

Hope this helps... -- Viktor 
On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 10:59:33AM -0400, pkube@umich.edu wrote:
> Hello,
> I searched the mail archives and could find anything on this rudimentary topic.
> How do I retrieve my saved email from my Winbox? I'd like to save my folder 
> structure too, if possible.
> While I'm transferring my mail, how can I eliminate duplicate messages? 
> (With windows, this simple task not easy.)
> Please cc: me directly, as I've unsubscribed from my high-volume e-lists 
> until my conversion is complete. :-)
> Thanks,
> Paul
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