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Re: Creating an initrd

Alvin Oga wrote:

> hi stefan...
> mkinitrd  ...
> or take an existing initrd.gz file...decompress it
> into /dev/ram  or /dev/loop
> than change the kernel to your version, add your libs/commands
> and other stuff you want in the initrd to make your system
> bootable
> and compress that /dev/loop image into  your_initrd.gz   and add that
> as your initrd image in lilo
> or so goes the simplified 3-line howto...
> either way...you need to make sure you have minixfs and /dev/ram enabled
> in your kernel to be able to create initrd files
> i created a full system in about 2.5Mb that expands into 8-16Mb of
> linux hierachy that runs in memory ( /dev/ramxx )
>         ( put that on a 4Mb flash and you've got a nice firewall ?? )
> you can try tomsrtbt too but, its bash is too small as is its libraries
> have fun
> alvin

I though that its possible to use the ext2 filesystem to use with initrd>? Is there
an advantage of using the minixfs filesystem over the ext2 filesytem in this

Anyway, I just want to make an initrd so that I can have etx2 and ReiserFS support
compiled as modules and also load a frame buffer module at boot time.

Most of this can be done through mkinitrd, the configuration file are a little
complicated though.....


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