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Re: ReiserFS + 2.4.4

>> I'm sorry but what is the problem with replaying log on read only
>> filesystem? It should be readonly only for user's programs that use
>> mounted filesystem.

OD> Well, my understanding is that if you have a read-only filesytem, then
OD> you wouldn't be able to write anyting to it. Having a transaction log
OD> replayed on a read-only filesystem would mean that the transactions are
OD> not written. If none is written, then you can say that the journalling
OD> filesystem is not working. If it's not working, well, your system would
OD> be left in a not-quite-good state.

I'm not sure about reiserfs but at least ext3 does replays logs on
read only filesystem. I'm going to check if it so with reiserfs.

Here http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/kt20010119_103.html#1 you can
find some discussion why on jornaling filesystems log can be replayed
even if filesystem is mounted as read only.

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