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Re: ReiserFS + 2.4.4

You will need the reiserFS utils, get these rom reisers site.

Its not difficult more time consuming than anything. What needs to happen is this. Say your /usr is it own partition. You need a 'spare' partition that is as big as /usr. Then you unmount the 'spare' format it as reiser (mkreiserfs /dev/hda5 for instance). This will create a reiserFS on hda5. Now, mount hda5 to say /mnt/tmp or something. Copy all the files in /usr (cp -R /usr/* /mnt/tmp) this takes awhile. After that is done and you HAVE VERIFIED that all the data coppied correctly, rm -fr /usr/*. after that, umount /dev/hda5, then mount -t reiserfs /dev/hda5 /usr.

wash rinse repeat for the rest of your parts.

This is what i did on one of my systems and it worked great. I have yet to succesfully umount / on a running box though. Hmm maybe i should try your boot floppy aproach.

William Leese <wleese@europe.nl.com> wrote:
> I'm considering moving my partitions to ReiserFS. I'll not be using lilo, 
> instead I'm using boot floppies. So, I can safely move all my partitions over 
> to ReiserFS. 
> I'm aware that I have to compile a kernel with ReiserFS support but apart 
> from that I have no clue how to create the ReiserFS partitions or what 
> alterations need to be made for everything to work properly. I'm sure theres 
> some documentation somewhere about this, but i've been unable to find any. 
> Can someone refresh my memory or give me a description of what needs to be 
> done?
> William
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