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Re: ReiserFS + 2.4.4

William Leese wrote:
> oh, i didn't backup /proc and /tmp because tar spewed out a few error
> messages. but from what i can recall /proc is created by the kernel(?) and
> for /tmp the directory just needs to be recreated, correct?

You'd need to recreate the /proc directory; the system uses it as the
mount point (of  the proc filesystem). You can safely recreate the /tmp
directory; its content is always deleted on reboot.

BTW, I have all my partitions running on reiserfs; problem is, when the
system booted up, / partition is always mounted read-only, so that the
transaction log is always replayed on, well, read-only filesystem. I
have done update-rc.d -f checkfs.sh remove, so that fsck wouldn't be
done on the system. But that doesn't make the root partition mounted
read-write on boot. The question is, how can I set the system so that
the / partition mounted read-write?


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