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glibc and Oracle problem

I am trying to install Oracle 8.1 on my Debian system.

There is a glitch documented on the Oracle site explaining that
Oracle requires glibc version 2.1.3, and will fail with version 2.2.
It describes how to overcome this problem, using a "compat-glibc RPM".

This uses :-

I have thought of using alien to install the RPM, but am worried
that it might do something nasty to my working system. I have tried
downloading and compiling the source for glibc 2.1.3, but compilation
fails. (Perhaps newer headers are incompatable?)

Suggestions welcome.


E-Mail: Dave Whiteley <d.l.whiteley@ee.leeds.ac.uk>
Date: 02-May-2001
Time: 09:53:33
Phone: 0113 233 2059
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