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keyboard problem


Am experiencing an odd problem with the keyboard -- specifically the arrow
keys, it seems. Seems to be X-specific. In short, the keys don't
"repeat" ... you have to strike the down arrow key, for example, 5 times
to go down 5 lines rather than being able to simply hold the key down and
let the cursor do the walking ...

I guess this is in the realm of the annoying rather than life-threatening,
but it does involve more wear and tear both on the keyboard and on the
trusty carpals. I'm guessing from prior experience that this will involve
using xmodmap ... probably xmodmap -e [something] but I'm lost as to what
the [something] should be.

If anyone has a quick answer for this or can point me to a reference,
thanks in advance. I may have missed a thread on this - sorry if so, work
has been nuts.

Glenn Becker
Online Producer, Community

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