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newbiedoc, vim and latex

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 04:18:08PM -0400, D-Man wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 01:59:02PM -0500, will trillich wrote:
> | i think vim is abominable, deplorable and inconsiderate. it uses
> | modes for this, modes for that... and i wouldn't ever consider
> | using anything else.
> Come to think of it, emacs has more modes that vim ;-).  (python-mode
> c-mode this-mode that-mode)

vim has those types of modes, too -- perl highlighting, C
shortcuts, html facilities... but i'm talking about INSERT mode
versus COMMAND mode versus FRAMMISTAT mode versus CLAVIS mode...

"w" goes forward a word in edit mode
"w" inserts a "w" in insert mode
"w" writes to a file in command mode

> | wanna write up a vim intro at sourceForge.net/projects/newbiedoc/?
> I should.  I've tried to introduce some of my friends to vim (CS
> students at school).  They didn't have any (real) editor experience,
> and IMO CDE's notepad or Nedit don't really cut it for coding.  I've
> just learned about ^N ^P and ctags over on Python-list.  Really cool.
> Can I write it in LaTeX?  I want to learn to use latex effectively.

i think some of the folks a newbiedoc are using latex. i'm just
myself now getting up on sgml, so latex is way beyond me! (maybe
you can write a newbiedoc intro for latex soon?)

> It will probably take me a while due to time constraints.  OTOH I will
> be taking a trip soon and have lots of travel time I might be able to
> put to good use.  If not, this summer when I am bored in class I
> should try and be useful ;-).

we've got our hopes up, now... :)

americans should never read anything so subversive as what's at

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