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Re: Give me my econ-gnome-ical text mode back!

  Thanks for the guidance on getting rid of the automatic gnome-login.

>I'm not exactly sure what you want this program for, but you seem to
want to use telnet as a client in which case you'd want 'telnet'
package, rather than 'telnetd'; the 'd' at the end of telnet lets you
know it's a daemon, in other words, it's installing a telnet server
for you to allow others to telnet to your machine.<

Yes, that is exactly what I want to do.   I already have telnet on my Linux
system, and it appears to work, although none of my Windows machines will
allow me to telnet to them.

 What I'm looking to do is be able to run Telnet on my Windows machines, and
log into my Linux system across the room and use it, since it would be much
more comfortable for me.

  Security is not a huge issue since my local network is sitting behind a
hardware firewall anyway.

  Thanks again for the help.   I do have another mega-newbie question.   I
was using CONTROL-ALT-DELETE to shutdown my Linux system.   Since it
auto-starts the GNOME stuff now, this no longer does anything.   What is the
command to shut down?

Kevin Stokes
Pie in the Sky Software

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