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Give me my econ-gnome-ical text mode back!

  I've actually gotten far enough with Debian that I have Gnome up and
running, and have gotten to play the squash-bill-gates game, thanks to

  However, when I booted Linux this morning, my nice text login was gone,
and instead a graphical login was presented.    This is nice and all, but
most of the time I would prefer to do my work in good ole' text mode and
only go into Gnome when I want to.  What setting do I change?

  Also, the chair in front of the Linux machine is uncomfortable, and
sometimes I would prefer to work at my usual machine instead.   I think I
need to load a 'telenetd' package to use telnet to connect remotely,
correct?   Is it correct that I use the dselect program to download and
configure it?    I did start it up, but I'm very worried that it will try to
update all sorts of stuff which I just spend a whole day configuring, and
perhaps break my X stuff again etc.  (You see I'm used Microsoft stuff,
which tends to muck itself up just terribly everytime you let it check
itself for new hardware.)   So my question is, if I just go in there and
mark 'telenetd', will it only download stuff that I ask for, and possibly
some dependent packages?

Kevin Stokes
Pie in the Sky Software

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