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Re: Connecting my browsers to Wvdial and the internet.


This sure sounds like a dns failure to me. Probably your system isn't getting 
the dynamic info for dns lookup... The easiest way to fix it is to locate 
your servers IP numbers for there dns, and add them to the file in 
/etc/resolv.conf. Here is what mine looks like:


Then redial and see if joy comes to your ppp setup.


On Tuesday 03 April 2001 08:52, Simmons-Davis wrote:
> Dear Debian Group,
> I am having problems with my browsers connecting to my internet connection
> as user: root. I have tried both Mozilla and Lynx (though not Netscape as I
> cannot get the archive files without an internet connection) and have
> encountered the same problem with both. When I dial up my ISP with Wvdial,
> I am able to connect and everything seems to be fine. However, when I try
> to do anything with that connection through the two browsers they both say
> that the site is unavailable no matter what the site is (or at least any
> non-local site, they can access local sites), and immediately too. Its
> almost like they cannot communicate with Wvdial or something. There is
> never any activity with the modem at all. I'm pretty sure that it isn't my
> ISP either because previous to Debian I used SuSE and when I used Lynx and
> Wvdial under SuSE they both worked fine (they were also both older versions
> as opposed to the ones I am using now under Debian). Please advise.
> One the people in your group suggested that it could be that my ISP uses a
> proxy server and so would require a modification of the Lynx configuration
> files. It is true that my ISP uses a proxy server but when I did what
> another person suggested in changing the configuration files it did not fix
> the problem. I'm also confused that I was able to use Lynx and Wvdial
> before under SuSE without any tweaking.
> Thank you very much,
> Ry


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