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Printer recommendations

I'm faced with recommending a new printer for my parents as their old unit
is starting to show its age. The goal is to find something for $350 or
less which is Linux friendly since I'll also be using it. The printer will
be connected to the LAN through an old HP JetDirect EX. Right now we're
looking more towards a laser but I'd also be interested in inkjet
recommendations as well.

I had in mind to recommend the Lexmark Optra E312L as Egghead is offering
it for $300. There is a straight E312 model which offers PostScript
emulation, however its roughly $370 which may prove to be slightly over
budget. Does anyone have experience with the E312L?

As far as inkjets go, I generally like HPs. However, after finding out
that a DeskJet 895Cse doesn't always work properly I'm not sure which are
safe bets. I'm not looking for the ultra-cheap models as there's plenty of
money to pay for a higher end model.


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