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Re: Printer not printing

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 12:44:22PM -0600, Keith G. Murphy wrote:
> Where did you get the StylusColor-740 magicfilter from?  I haven't seen
> that in the Debian distribution.  What driver does it end up using? 
> I've never gotten stcolor to work with my 740, but stp does.

Actually, the StylusColor-740 is homegrown.

$ diff StylusColor-generic-filter StylusColor-740\@360dpi-filter
< 0     %!              filter  /usr/bin/gs  @stcany.upp -q
-sOutputFile=- - -c quit 
< 0     \004%!          filter  /usr/bin/gs  @stcany.upp -q
-sOutputFile=- - -c quit 
> 0     %!              filter  /usr/bin/gs  @stc740pl.upp -q
> -sOutputFile=- - -c quit 
> 0     \004%!          filter  /usr/bin/gs  @stc740pl.upp -q
> -sOutputFile=- - -c quit 

The stc740pl.upp doesn't come with the Debian distro, so I pulled it
from a website discussing this material

> You might want to check out www.linuxprinting.org for further info.


> Also, are you dual-booting?  I've found that Win95 bollixes up the
> printer, such that nothing but a hard reset (unplug/plug in) can get it
> working under Linux again.

Most interesting.  I start linux via loadlin, so if this is a legit
problem, I may have to rethink that.

Brian Enyart

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