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Re: domain setup & email/DSL:followup

On Fri, 09 Feb 2001 16:20:49 +0000 (UTC), Pollywog said:

>  This should not be a problem.  I have the same situation, but my
>  domain, is hosted by Hurricane Electric (www.he.net).
>  I use fetchmail to get my domain's mail when I start my machine in
>  the morning.  I no longer leave it on 24/7 because I am in
>  California, and we all know what is happening there with a couple of
>  the utilitiy companies.  I also use the DNS services provided by
>  EasyDNS and I server as my own primary MX when I am online.  My
>  machine's hostname is not in the DNS but I do have a valid FQDN
>  pointing to my DSL interface.

I should have said one more thing.  If whoever is hosting your domain
does not give you control over your DNS, there is no reason you can't
use one of the free DNS services (such as Granite Canyon) or one of
the commercial services such as EasyDNS, to give you control over
your DNS.  You could use EasyDNS for your DNS and Warped.net to host
your domain.


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