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Re: re CD-RW

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 05:33:07PM +0000, john gennard wrote:
> I've studied recent postings, the relative HOWTO and the Kenel help
> text documentation and now feel that I understand what I need to do.
> Unfortunately, I am faced with a problem to which I can find no
> specific reference.
> I shall recompile the Kernel (have the tarballs for both 2.2.18 and
> 2.4.0 -- shall use the former initially).
> On this machine (the only one above 300 MHz), I always boot from
> floppies which I make (using 'make bzdisk') when compiling
> kernels. Booting is very fast after the bios boot - no pause or
> invitation to add parameters. I'll need to give 'hdd=ide-scsi' after 
> bios boot and can't find how to pause the automatic 'loading .....'. 
> When everything is set up satisfactorily, I would like to add the 
> parameter to the boot floppy - again I've no idea how. I'm proposing
> to configure the CD-RW in Potato 2.2r0 and the machine is a PC
> stand-alone with an AMD 500MHz and no real scsi devices.
> Can someone explain how I can solve my immediate problems. I feel 
> sure I understand the correct kernel configuration requirements -
> there will be no modules to load.  Grateful for help. John.

I'm a little confused here.  If you need to boot with lilo why don't you
just set the machine to boot off the HD with lilo?  If you must use a
boot floppy and need a prompt what I would do is create a boot floppy
with lilo installed.  If you need to know how to do that post back and
ask.  I've never messed with scsi stuff so maybe that is why I'm looking
at this and feeling dense.

I'd really love ta wana help ya Flanders but... Homer Simpson

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