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re CD-RW

I've studied recent postings, the relative HOWTO and the Kenel help
text documentation and now feel that I understand what I need to do.
Unfortunately, I am faced with a problem to which I can find no
specific reference.

I shall recompile the Kernel (have the tarballs for both 2.2.18 and
2.4.0 -- shall use the former initially).

On this machine (the only one above 300 MHz), I always boot from
floppies which I make (using 'make bzdisk') when compiling
kernels. Booting is very fast after the bios boot - no pause or
invitation to add parameters. I'll need to give 'hdd=ide-scsi' after 
bios boot and can't find how to pause the automatic 'loading .....'. 
When everything is set up satisfactorily, I would like to add the 
parameter to the boot floppy - again I've no idea how. I'm proposing
to configure the CD-RW in Potato 2.2r0 and the machine is a PC
stand-alone with an AMD 500MHz and no real scsi devices.

Can someone explain how I can solve my immediate problems. I feel 
sure I understand the correct kernel configuration requirements -
there will be no modules to load.  Grateful for help. John.

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