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Re: OT: fvwm95 configuration

Sebastiaan wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to configure fvwm95 window manager to my own needs. Does anyone
> know a tool with which I can configure Fvwm95-Buttons and put a background
> image? I have read some docs about it, but they were not very clear. I
> know how to adjust the Buttons by editing the config file, but I found
> nothing about putting an image on the background.

  IMO it's best if you have separate program to do that, there is number
of them, I use chbg (in package of same name).

  just stick in in the X startup scripts somewhere, I use xdm so I added
a line (or three) into /etc/X11/xdm/Xstartup:

# erik: chbg - begin
/usr/bin/chbg -scenario /home/erik/.chbgrc &
# erik: chbg - end

  of course, you'd better put the config file (.chbgrc) into some system
wide directory not into some user's dir... probably into some /usr/local
or /opt subdir.

  btw fvwm can do everything (AFAIK) that fvwm95 can and is actively
developed... you _might_ want to check it out.


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