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Re: re CD-RW

On Sat, 03 Feb 2001, ktb wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 05:33:07PM +0000, john gennard wrote:
> > I've studied recent postings, the relative HOWTO and the Kenel help
> > text documentation and now feel that I understand what I need to do.
> > Unfortunately, I am faced with a problem to which I can find no
> > specific reference.
> > 
> > I shall recompile the Kernel (have the tarballs for both 2.2.18 and
> > 2.4.0 -- shall use the former initially).
> > 
> > On this machine (the only one above 300 MHz), I always boot from
> > floppies which I make (using 'make bzdisk') when compiling
> > kernels. Booting is very fast after the bios boot - no pause or
> > invitation to add parameters. I'll need to give 'hdd=ide-scsi' after 
> > bios boot and can't find how to pause the automatic 'loading .....'. 
> > When everything is set up satisfactorily, I would like to add the 
> > parameter to the boot floppy - again I've no idea how. I'm proposing
> > to configure the CD-RW in Potato 2.2r0 and the machine is a PC
> > stand-alone with an AMD 500MHz and no real scsi devices.
> > 
> > Can someone explain how I can solve my immediate problems. I feel 
> > sure I understand the correct kernel configuration requirements -
> > there will be no modules to load.  Grateful for help. John.
> > 
> I'm a little confused here.  If you need to boot with lilo why don't you
> just set the machine to boot off the HD with lilo?  If you must use a
> boot floppy and need a prompt what I would do is create a boot floppy
> with lilo installed.  If you need to know how to do that post back and
> ask.  I've never messed with scsi stuff so maybe that is why I'm looking
> at this and feeling dense.
To keep "out of the dog-house" I have had to agree to the
other-half's demand to retain W95 in a small partition of hda and a
little while ago I put FreeBSD on the remainder of that hard drive (I
just wanted to try to see what it is like - am still waiting to do that!).   
So, I have a boot loader which offers DOS, FreeBSD and Disk 1
(My large hdb which holds both Slink and Potato). As I indicated I
always use floppies to boot whichever Debian system I want to use -
this has never let me down, and until I know more I don't want to
risk Win or FreeBSD giving problems. I came to Debian a
computer-illiterate; despite this, in the 15 months or so I've been 
running  and using it I've never had a crash and I'd like to keep
things so.

I have two more boxes I use for experimenting - these are Win-free,
so I've tried lilo and understand the basics. Yes, I'd like a boot
floppy with lilo installed, so I would appreciate your help. I'm sure
you realise that I cannot mount the floppies presently in use.


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