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Re: Managing many Debian machines

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 01:23:07PM -0500, Daniel Whelan wrote:
> Nice solution...I was looking into creating a dummy package of just the
> config files we needed to install a configuration specific to our setup,
> but this might work as well.

FYI, you can't install two different packages containing the same file(s).
The packages would conflict and apt/dpkg would refuse to install them.

> Question: apt-get is a noticebly interactive program...what kind of
> problems does one run into when running it from a cronjob or the like?

Running apt-get with --assume-yes or --trivial-only parameter should
prevent any questions apt might have. Configuring debconf to use some
non-interactive frontend should avoid any configuration related questions.
I haven't yet tried those in practice though :-/

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