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Re: Window Manager trouble/Thanks

Glenn Becker wrote:
> Hi,
> Excuse my continuing X density. :-) When I run plain X from root, I get a
> grey screen and X cursor -- which moves fine -- but nothing else. Either
> a) I just don't know how to pop up a console window from this bare
> display, or b) I should be getting more than this, and this is a clue to
> whatever's wrong. I have included an X.err file below ... it records me
> starting plain X up from root, then CTRL-ALT-BKSPing to down it.
> Second, of the WMs I have installed, here is a breakdown of what works and
> what doesn't -- thought there might be some common gnd between the members
> of each set that would provide a clue:
> Works: Enlightenment, icewm, blackbox, twm, AfterStep Classic
> Doesn't Work: wmaker, fvwm, sawmill
> I'm most interested in this phenom as a sign of something larger wrong
> with my system. How can a bloated beast like Enlightenment run
> flawlessly when those others don't? WMaker is my favorite WM but I suppose
> I can learn to live w/o it ... but what is happening here? And why
> *should* I live w/o WMaker ... if I don't want to? :-)
	What do you get when you run :

$ update-alternatives --config x-window-manager


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