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Re: debian@home

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Casey Webster wrote:

> I use dhcp over cable and pump (the default dhcp client) does not
> fetch an address properly for me.  It just sits there for 2 minutes
> and tells me Operation Failed.  I downloaded and installed dhcpcd and
> tell it dhcpcd -R eth1 and it gets me an address in less than a
> second.  You might try that if you are having problems and are using
> pump.

Great this was exactly my problem, and I switched to dhcpcd and everything
works great.  However I also gsetup the default configuration of dhcpcd to
grab no port and had the configuration happen the 'debian way'.  I just
put int the following into my /etc/network/interfaces:

	iface eth1 inet dhcp
		hostname <@home-host>

did an ifup eth1 and w/ dhcpcd it workd great.

Till Later,

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