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tcp/ip network for dos connection


I have a 486 notepc on dos.  I'd like to use it to connect to my 
through telnet.  I have 3com 3CXE589ET.  But I have no idea to setup 
this card to 
connect to debian.  I have card driver for dos ipx.  But I guess I 
need tcp/ip driver.

I guess I have to do these to solve that problem,
1.  need lan card driver for dos
     I think I already have lan card driver for dos.  But I'm not 
sure.  Because, all of
     those files only said about ipx netware.  They don't say about 
2. need something files for tcp/ip
    I looked for tcp/ip files for dos supported from 3com, but 
nothing.  Is there other
3. programs like ftp, telnet for dos

All I want is connect to my debian through that lan card from notepc 
for backup and

Any solutions willbe appricated, thanx,

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