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eeeep! i'm missing random letters, right now its >> " << that one.

First thanks for everyone with suggestions on avoiding rebooting.
I've started using reset in the console to make it readable
and killall X followed by /etc/init.d/gdm restart as a rather drastic way of getting X working again.

I neglected to mention the third killer move my box puts on me tho'.

Every so often and ever since I upgraded to the 2.4 tree I lose letters.
Right now I can't see my double quote >> " << a bitch to program without.
Quite often the bottom half of a character will be cutoff or my hash mark will be replaced with an ickle miniture one. Is very odd, 'caus it doesn't only happen when I type but also appears for any occurence of that character on the console screen.
I think its a bug in the kernel (like something overwrites the character map or something or something etc) because I used to get a similar problem where random red squares appeared on my screen every so often and that went away after about test11 or so.

has anyone else seen this problem, does it need to be reported (as if) etc?
how can I see my >> " << mark again (without going back to X which is on vacation with my mouseball)? (reset doesn't work here).

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