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PS/2 Keyboard via a serial port.


Is there any way of connecting a PS/2 keyboard via a serial port?
(I have an adaptor.)


On a laptop, I have a PS/2 keyboard connected to the PS/2 port, and a
PS/2 Mouse (Logitech) connected to a serial port via a D9 to PS/2

The mouse needs replacing, and I've looked a a friends USB Logitech
optical mouse (M/N M-BD58), which works in a PS/2 port via a USB ->
PS/2 adaptor that comes with the mouse.  

The combination of USB -> PS/2 -> D9 doesn't work.. I suspect it's
because the mouse is expecting power (or something).

So.. what I would like to do is change the PS/2 keyboard to the serial
port (if it's possible) and run the mouse on the PS/2.

[The best solution would be to get USB working under potato.]


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