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Re: New course for Debian University

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 05:05:30PM -0600, Rob VanFleet wrote:
> Hmm, as I understood it, making a /usr/src/linux link is bad, /usr/include,
> AFAIK, is not the issue.  The module I tried to compiled looked for the
> kernel-includes in /usr/src/linux/include.  I'm just wondering why
> /usr/src/linux is bad, and how to tell compiles to look somewhere other than
> /usr/src/linux.

IIRC the argument was that you could be compiling for a different kernel,
or even for a different machine.  (Modules that are part of the kernel
source are handled correctly without this link)

That's all I know:(  Perhaps debian-devel is a better place to hunt for
intelligent opinions on this.

groetjes, carel

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