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Re: PS Help ISP/Fetchmail

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 02:40:48PM -0200, Christoph Simon wrote:
> yes. ("man fetchmail" could explain it better).

Yes, I add it to the command line. Any way to log that? And see it, so
not just "fetchmail >Log"?

> Well I've observed that every once in a while there seems to be a
> particular message confusing fetchmail; getting rid of it solves the
> problem until next time which may take months. The day I can't live
> with it, I'll dive into it, for now I have more urgent things to do.

It's not that because it's happened repeatedly and every time I clear my
mesages, either on the web site using a browser, or I finally get it
down. So it's not a particular msg, or size...

> ppp does log if you ask it to do so, but here you probably want
> fetchmail to be verbose and eventually redirect the -vv output to a
> file for slower reading.

Yes, ppp doesn't seem to be the problem. Seems to be fetchmail and
whatever they've done at my ISP. Again any way to log as a tail so I can 
see what's going on?

Thanks for all the help.



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