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Re: exim

On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 04:02:31PM -0500, A R wrote:
> Carel Fellinger wrote:
> > What did you specify for exim's qualify_domain and local_domains?
> the-sphere.org  (just a top name I bought, hosted at GANDI, forwarded to AT&T)

okee, this shouldn't give raise to problems

> > Pleas tell us what error messages you get?
> > Try "fetchmail -v -v" to get more info. (better do this before you tie
> > fetchmail to ppp)
> >
> Here it goes:
> tony@debian:~$ fetchmail -v -v
...errorless session snipped
> Consider that  I just got all my messages through netscape, if it actually fetches
> any, it will break with an error.

and it is this error message that we need:)
if you fear to loose mail in the process, run fetchmail with the keepall
option, so it won't deleted any mail on the pop server.

groetjes, carel

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