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Re: exim

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 03:06:07PM -0500, A R wrote:
> Can someone provide a simple exim.conf sample file, where pop3,
> smtphost, local user, remote user, password variables -over a dialup
> connection to at&t server- are set?

There are several sides to mail delivery on a linux system:

1) mail transport (send mail from one computer to another)
   a)  use exim for remote mail delivery using your isp's SMTP server
       to do the real delivery for you
       [here you need to know:
            the name of your ips's SMTP server
            the email address you want on your outgoing mail
   b)  use fetchmail to retrieve your mail from your ips's POP server
       [here you need to know:
            the name of your ips's POP server
            your user name and passwd for your (pop) account at your isp
            your user name at your local computer
2) mail delivery (put mail for each user in his own mailbox on the local host)
   a)  use exim, or
   b)  use procmail if you want to sort the mail or filter or..

3) mail reading/writing/filing
   a)  use netscape if you're used to it, but better
   b)  switch to mutt (or any other mail client on linux)

> The answers to eximconfig questions are not always clear, so I need some

tell us which question you had problems with and we will help you get
the right anwsers to eximconfig's questions. I think this will be more
fruitfull then trying to figure out what part of someone-else's config
file applies to your case.

groetjes, carel

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