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Re: reinstall windows?

Dale Morris wrote:

I made windoze a primary partition (bootable) on the 4.6hd. But, I'm
trying to install win95 using a win98 startup disk. I don't have a
driver disk for the cd rom, and win98 is the cheapie upgrade from win95
version. Will it work this way?

I would suggest making a directory (such as C:\SETUP\WIN95CABS) and copying everything in the WIN95 directory on the CDROM to that directory. This can be done while you're booted into Linux. Then boot from your Win98 diskette, CD to the aforementioned directory, and install Win95 from there. This way, you don't need to access the CD-ROM drive from DOS, and you have the added benefit that whenever you need to add a printer or a modem or whatever, you don't have to dig out the Win95 CD; it's all right there on your hard drive (and Win95 will usually automatically find it without prompting for the path).

Of course, to just answer your question without throwing in my opinion, yes, it will "work this way", to boot off a Win98 startup disk that provides access to the CDROM drive, and then to install Win95 from the CD. (Well, it SHOULD; depending on the CD and your setup, the CD might complain that you already have an OS and this "version" is not for upgrading, or that you don't have an OS and this "version" is only for upgrading, etc.)

Martin W?rtele [martin@wuertele.net] wrote:

I want to reinstall windows on a computer I've been using linux on. (I'm
going to give it to my mother-in-law). I have an old OEM copy of win95,
of course I have no cd-rom driver disks and I have the 'upgrade version'
of win98 and a windows 98 startup disk.

The computer has a 4.6hd master and a 2.1hd slaved to it. I would like
to make it a dual boot machine using linux on the 4.6 drive and windoze
on the 2.1 drive.

windoze needs a primary partition marked as active/bootable (dos
fdisk/cfdisk) to boot. all partitions that contain a file system other than
fat whatever are hidden from windows so it takes the first bootable primary
partition it finds as c:

hth martin

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