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Re: reinstall windows?-SOLVED!

Got it!! Problem was I needed to format the partition using windoze, and it
gave the partition a label.
Thanks for the help :)

Sebastiaan [sebas@sacred-key.org] wrote:
> > I made windoze a primary partition (bootable) on the 4.6hd. But, I'm
> > trying to install win95 using a win98 startup disk. I don't have a
> > driver disk for the cd rom, and win98 is the cheapie upgrade from win95
> > version. Will it work this way?
> > 
> There is not much difference between win95 and win98 bootfloppy's. So try
> to boot with your floppy and if you can mount your cdrom drive, then it
> should be able to acces your win95 cd. It is also possible to install
> win98 directly, the installation program asks for win95 cd early in the
> installation proces (just for a check).
>  If your 4.6 hd is still the first hd in line, e.g. /dev/hda, then windows
> should have noting to complain.
> Good luck,
> Sebastiaan
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