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On Sun, 03 Dec 2000 12:27:45 PST, Peter Welte writes:
>does anyone have any opinion as to which is better,
>Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) or Open
>Shortest Path First (OSPF), and/or know if a
>Linux(Debian) router can be set up to use one or both
>of them?

I know OSPF from personal experience, and IGRP only from some course 
 long ago.

I´d go for OSPF not only because it´s easy to understand and implement 
 (there´s the "zebra" router project for linux, also deb´ianized in 
 unstable), but it´s also supported by a wide variety of hardware,
 whereas IGRP is not so widespread eg you´ll have more chance for help
 with OSPF.

AFAIK zebra largely supports the "standard" cisco way of configuration 
 so all those documentation out there may be of some value anyway ;-)

>p.s.- i need the information so i can do a
>presentation on IGRP, and i was rather hoping to be
>able to mention how IGRP is proprietary, and one would
> think the internet should be built on more open
>(OSPF(?)) protocols.

Well, I know of no ISP (which doesn´t have to mean much, most of us 
 don´t go tell the competition about the interior setup) which uses 
 IGRP, but I know of many using OSPF and some even IS-IS.

Also, since IGRP is proprietary, and ISPs need to consider a whole 
 bunch of hardware from different vendors (routers, terminal/dialup
 servers etc pp) a not-so-proprietary solution has much more 

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