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Re: reinstall windows?

Dale Morris schrieb:
> I want to reinstall windows on a computer I've been using linux on. (I'm
> going to give it to my mother-in-law). I have an old OEM copy of win95,
> of course I have no cd-rom driver disks and I have the 'upgrade version'
> of win98 and a windows 98 startup disk.
> The computer has a 4.6hd master and a 2.1hd slaved to it. I would like
> to make it a dual boot machine using linux on the 4.6 drive and windoze
> on the 2.1 drive.

I´m not sure if this can be done in the way you want.
(I don´t have Win9x on my conputers.)

I think Win9x needs to be installed in a primary partition
on your first disk. So either swap your drives (jumpering
the smaller one as master) or make a primary partition
of size 2 gig on your 4.6 gig drive, leaving the rest
of the drive (and the entire smaller one) for Linux.


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