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OT?: How to enable my Linux network for W98 machines?


Does someone have a hint on how to set up W98 machines to work in my (small)
Linux (eth-based, 100Mbps) network. One Linux box is used as a
gateway, the others have their traffic routed using ipchains. Setting
up the ipchains rule and the gateway entry in the othe boxes Linux is
sufficient. DNS addresses are given in resolv.conf.

1. Which are the corresponding steps in W98? 

2. Giving the IP address, gateway address and the host identity of the
IP network driver entries for the W98 box I have been able to ftp to
the linux box(es). Which steps are necessary to connect to the Internet
via the gateway, from W98. Do I have to install bind for DNS services
via named?

3. Since I can ftp to my Linux boxes, if the service was enabled I
could log in to Linux from W98, using eg telnet, right? Is it possible
to do the reverse, i.e. login to the W98 box(es) from Linux box(es),
for example to use remote control tools? Are there any open source versions
of such tools (not netbus/backorifice?) and SSH servers/clients available?

4. For file and printer sharing do I have to install Samba? 

5. How to enable automatic dial up for pppd, when traffic is present on
the other machines? A dial-up ISDN connection is used for this. I have
tried diald but did not like it (too long tineouts before releasing
the connection).

6. Anything else to think of?

Thank you in advance,

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