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Re: Question and goodbye...

Francesco Bochicchio, Fri 10 Nov:
> The only thing I'd like is an automatic purging of 'old' mail ( say,
> older than X days ). But I can live without.

Can't remember if this is from the debian or mutt list:

  folder-hook debian \
    "push '<delete-pattern> ~d >3d ! ~R\n'"
  folder hook (other|less|high|volume|inboxes) \
    "push '<delete-pattern> ~d >1w ! ~R\n'"

Detail on pattern matching is in manual section 4.2. if you need it.

The '! ~R' part auto-deletes only unread messages, on the assumption
that if it's read and not deleted I must have wanted it left alone.

This still isn't perfect, since you have at least to view the folder
to trigger it -- I'm not sure that you can do cron-eque purging
without resorting to external programs.



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