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Re: Internet connection

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Knud Sørensen wrote:
> Hi 
Hi, Knud!

> I have installed debian 2.2 and have some problems 
> getting the internet to work.
> I have noticed something strange.
> /etc/init.d/inetd is a empty file !
So, your on your way - good!

> if I move it to /etc/init.d/inetd.bak
> and try to 
> dpkg -i netbase_3.18-4.deb
> I get a error. Why !!
Good question. A snippet of the error-message in question might help.

> I might also be a problem with my /etc/gateways file
> Does anybody have a example I can see!!
debian now handles all the setup in /etc/network/interfaces.
iface eth0 inet static
BUT, a temporary default route to the internet will be setup along the
workings of ppp (???) so I don't have to do anything. Uhm, you see i'm
not quite sure & may be should shut up (anybody else?). This is because
i have setup ipchains to forward any non-local adress to ppp.

> 3) Why
is there no link to /etc/init.d/networking form /etc/rc5.d ?? >  > 
> Hope you can help !

wish i could've done better ;-) next time. greetings, martin

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