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Fwd: Re: 386 install

On Monday 20 November 2000 18:47, Bek Oberin wrote:
> Daniel Migowski wrote:
> > On Montag, 20. November 2000 16:15, Jean-Marc Cadudal wrote:
> > > I have an old 386 on which I'd like to install Debian 2.2.
> > > HP Vectra RS/20
> > > 10 Mb RAM
> > > 100 Mb DISK
> > > Floppy 1,4 Mb
> > > Floppy 1,2 Mb
> >
> > Btw. forget it. I saw a pentium/100 with 8MB RAM, and it was unusable
> > slow. apt-get-installing a 20kb-package took 5 Minutes(!). After
> > upgrading to 24MB RAM (didn't check 16MB), it was a cool server, even
> > able to run small php3-scripts in a fast manner.
> I have a 486 with 12mb of RAM, and it runs fine in text mode.  I
> don't use X anyway so that's cool with me.  I would think 10mb
> should be fine if you don't overload it.

I've got a 486/33 with 8meg. It runs great. I use it as a dialup masq box. It
even works well for remote X as long as I use fvwm or ice. (ie xserver
running on another box)

dselect chokes it bad and it normally takes serveral hours to days (depending
on packages) to upgrade something. To get around this I don't use dselect but
instead instead extract the packages by hand. Yes it takes a little more
effort but is way faster than waiting for 20min just for it to figure out the

I also would not use htdig/dwww as the daily updates take a while.

Make sure and compile your own kernel (preferably on a faster machine) as you
can see a big diff on a low mem machine.


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