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Re: HELP!!!

On 11/18/00 3:21 PM, urbanyon (urbanyon@urbanyon.com) wrote:
>i am using a cdrom that came with the book 'learning debian gnu/linux'
>(oreilly).  various packages that even the book tells i need are not on

I've done installations from that CD before on LAN network connected 
systems successfully.  There shouldn't be anything missing from the CD to 
prevent you from setting up your network card successfully unless your 
card is supported by the list on the CD.

>i am connecting to the 'net via a
>dsl-type connection, using a netopia router.  the network card in the
>potential debian machine is a 3com PCI card, model # 3CSOHO100-TX.  

Have you tried using modconf and selecting other network cards to see if 
there's another 3COM listing you can use?

>here are my questions:
>1. is there a program that i can use to set up a 'net connection using my

This was an option in the installation process if I'm not mistaken where 
it asks you what's the main way you'll be connecting to the Internet or 
if you computer is on a network already.  Then you enter in all the 
relevant info (IP address, router info, etc.)  You could modify the 
network files by hand though.

>2. do i need to do anything to check that the NIC is, in fact, installed?

Can you at least ping the network or your own machine's IP address?

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