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Re: HELP!!!

On 11/18/00 5:06 PM, urbanyon (urbanyon@urbanyon.com) wrote:
>>     Ah. What a crappy book. It was my first Debian book, and install,
>>     too.
>:-)  Can you suggest a better book?  it's nice to have a reference.

>From this newbie's standpoint, I didn't think the O'Reilly book was all 
that bad as an intro for a beginner in terms of providing a broad 
overview.  It was good enough for me to easily install on a dusty 586 and 
use as a file/print server at work.  

As a reference, it's too skimpy.  I got more mileage out of the Sams' 
Debian Unleashed doorstop, particularly the Samba section.  Still haven't 
gotten to the point where I can just totally rely on man pages, I guess.  

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