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Re: Netscape 6.0

> > i heared of skipstone and really really want to try it.
> I just installed Skipstone, and it looks good (suits me better than
> Galeon, at least). Apart from being leaner than Mozilla/Netscape (small
> wonder, it aims to do much less), it has the one single feature which
> made me pay for the Opera browser (on another well-loved OS whose name I
> will not mention here :-) ).
> The feature I mean is this: you can switch Skipstone to "tabbed" mode,
> and all browser windows are contained in one single "real" window (read:
> MDI mode). But it still gets better: if you open a link in a new window
> now, the new window is opened *behind* the current window. That is, you
> can open a list of links with just a few clicks, and don't need to
> constantly shuffle windows around. Nice feature for people who browse
> "breath-first", like me. Granted, it's only one click less then with
> other browsers, but it's still nice and definitively makes the desktop
> less cluttered.

yes, that sounds really nice. but where can i get a potato package? i dont 
want to upgrade to woody, i also don't want to compile it myself, cause i 
don't like chaos on my comp ;) so anyone know a nice and clean way to install 
skipstone on potato?

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