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Re: Netscape 6.0

> > My experience was that Mozilla M18 was not nearly as stable as
> > Netscape 4.75 and I removed it from my system.
> i have found its certainly more of a pig, and its interface is very
> sluggish, it does tend to be less stable too, but only for certain
> sites.  i think for most people sticking with netscape 4.75 is
> probably the best thing for now.

the stability is ok for a beta software, but it's far too slow, cause it 
loads an entire new operating system... this may be nice, but in the moment i 
would only like to use the nice gecko engine for compatibility tests and some 
sites that can't be rendered properly with khtml.
getting used to konqueror, i don't like the slow mozilla interface any more. 
i tried galeon but it didn't fit my needs. i heared of skipstone and really 
really want to try it. but unfortunatly there is only a woody version :(
is there any way to get skipstone for a potato system?


> having said that, netscape 6 is still far worse then mozilla, don't be
> fooled by AOL/Netscape calling it `final gold release'.

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