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Netscape 6.0


I've installed Netscape 6.0 for a friend of mine.  It looks pretty
cool, finally the user can change displayed font size without going to
preferences...  The ugly HTML forms' elements are gone, too.  However
the product seems to be too slow; it looks like a lot of debugging
stuff is still in the executable.

We encountered two problems, and I wonder if anyone could help me
fight those.

1.  The activation procedure.  We went throught hte registration stuff
once, but it failed.  Then we restarted, entered the same
username+password, and it wasn't recognizing the pair.  In the end
Netscape gave up and just started the browser.  But now every time it
is started anew, an activation dialog comes up (completely blank) for
a few seconds, then dissappears, and Netscape starts.  Any ideas how
to rerun Activation or get rid of this 15-seconds delay?

2.  In the mail reader the new messages are not bolded.  The Inbox
word is bolded and shows 4 new messages, but in the mailbox summary
panel there is no indication as to what messages are unread.

Many thanks
Arcady Genkin
Don't read everything you believe.

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