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Re: failed to connect port 25

Wow, thanks! I guess that is it. I am able to connect the provider's
mailserver at port 25. 


On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 iehrenwald@earthlink.net wrote:

> Sebastiaan <sebastia@ch.twi.tudelft.nl> writes:
> > I have just installed Postfix mailerdeamon, and now I am unable to send
> > email out of the network. After searching, I discovered that I am also
> > unable to telnet to the smtp port of the delivery-mailserver. That is:
> > 
> > $ telnet mail.somewhere.nl 25
> > Trying 194....
> > 
> > and then it hangs. It is with every mailserver I tried. Other ports work
> > correct. What is going on? Has it something to do with my Postfix
> > configuration?
> I had something like this happen to me last month.  I found out the reason
> this is happening is because my ISP is blocking SMTP connections to any
> other ISP but their own at the router.  They are doing this to stop
> Spam.  While this may be a pain in the ass, it does help cut down Spam.  
> 		Ian

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