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Re: failed to connect port 25

Sebastiaan <sebastia@ch.twi.tudelft.nl> writes:

> I have just installed Postfix mailerdeamon, and now I am unable to send
> email out of the network. After searching, I discovered that I am also
> unable to telnet to the smtp port of the delivery-mailserver. That is:
> $ telnet mail.somewhere.nl 25
> Trying 194....
> and then it hangs. It is with every mailserver I tried. Other ports work
> correct. What is going on? Has it something to do with my Postfix
> configuration?

I had something like this happen to me last month.  I found out the reason
this is happening is because my ISP is blocking SMTP connections to any
other ISP but their own at the router.  They are doing this to stop
Spam.  While this may be a pain in the ass, it does help cut down Spam.  


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