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Re: Intel server box for NT, Linux


I don't think anyone answered this so I'll tell you what I use...

I have a Dell PowerEdge 2400 with a dual power-supply and hot-
swappable disks (3 x 18GB, in my case). My ISP's webfarm is full of
Dells so that speaks for itself (I've seen one Mac in there :-)

The only complaint I have is that they seem to be very much in bed
with RedHat and don't care about other flavours of Linux. This got me
when I couldn't get their RAID controller to work with Debian. They
provide a driver for RedHat but not for Debian. What's worse is they
won't release the source (yeah, they've really bought into the Linux
principles - or at least their marketing dept. has :-)

We ended up using software RAID. I would still recommend the machine
but make sure you moan to them about only supporting RedHat. Mine
cost me around IR£6500 a few months ago.

Hope that helps.


On 13 Nov 2000, at 13:44, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:

> Hi. We've been running a Linux intranet server on an old Apple Mac.
> The use and content on the intranet is exceeding the capacity of our
> old 7200, and it looks like management will cough up for a new server
> to run Linux, with a tape-backup drive et al.
> I'd like a recommendation for a popular server Manufacturer/model for
> our relatively modest needs. Ideally it would have about 30Gb storage.
> We have up to 150 users on a 100baseT Ethernet network and more will
> be connecting through a VPN. We are looking for something very
> reliable and of "standard" construction - whatever that may be. We
> would like to be able to install NT on it in the future if
> necessary...
> As you can see I know nothing about servers, so I'd be really grateful
> for advice. Incidentally, we are based in the UK. Thanks Rory
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